Terms and Conditions

Important Disclaimer:

Surgery Stuff, LLC purchases products from hospitals, surgery centers, and other resellers. We do not currently purchase from the manufacturer. We do not assert any relationship to the companies whose names are found on this site, or their products, tools, or equipment. Additionally, we do not offer advice, training, or clinical support. All images on the site are for display purposes only.

Returns & Replacements

Surgical facilities may return items by contacting Surgery Stuff, LLC. If for some reason your product is defective or damaged during shipping, notify us within 14 days of receipt. Retain the products, contact us, and we’ll provide you with further instructions. You will receive a refund so long as the products are returned. Non-defective products with less than 6 months remaining are final sale. Non-defective with more than 6 months remaining may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of order. If the specific product is not available for replacement, Surgery Stuff, LLC will give the facility equal dollar credit towards any other products in our inventory. For international customers and surgical supply resellers/distributors, all sales are final. Surgery Stuff, LLC will not accept returns for any reason from international sales and/or resellers.

Recall Items

For all U.S. surgical facilities, any item(s) that are subject to a voluntary or involuntary recall from a Manufacturer or the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) will be replaced with identical product not under the recall at no charge. If supply is not available, Surgery Stuff, LLC will give the facility equal dollar credit towards any other device(s) in our inventory. Product will be returned to Surgery Stuff, LLC and subsequently destroyed. Please contact Surgery Stuff, LLC for instructions on returning recalled product(s).


All domestic surgical facilities can use a Purchase Order created on the site or can send Purchase Orders directly to our offices via phone, fax or email. Surgical Supply wholesale distributors may use this site to generate orders but are subject to review from Surgery Stuff, LLC management. International orders placed through the website will be reviewed by management as well and you will be contacted regarding shipping charges. Orders for all customers are subject to availability and there is no guarantee that the devices will be available at all times or in the future. The sale of items on this website may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, Surgery Stuff, LLC will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping the item. If you have questions about the legal obligations regarding the sales of medical devices, you should consult with the FDA’s Center of Devices and Radiological Health at: www.fda.gov


For U.S. surgery centers/hospitals, orders may be placed via credit card or through a Purchase Order. For resellers, we expect use of International orders are to be paid using a credit card or wire transfer only, with no exceptions. All sales are final and no refunds will be issued for any reason.

Selling to Surgery Stuff, LLC

All items must be in original U.S.A. manufacturer's packaging and not reprocessed (unless it is known and notated on the PO). You warrant that you are the lawful owner of the aforementioned goods, that they are free from all encumbrances, and that we have the right to sell these goods. Seller binds itself, its successors, and assigns to warrant and defend Surgery Stuff LLC's title to these goods against all claims and demands of all persons. Intentionally tampering with/modifying the packaging, product, or labels is not allowed and is not to be performed by the seller. By selling to Surgery Stuff, LLC, you are agreeing with this portion -- and all of -- the terms and conditions.

Buying from Surgery Stuff, LLC

At Surgery Stuff, LLC we inspect all products that we receive for damages or broken sterility. All products sold by us are in-date. In the very rare occasion that we are able to sell expired products, by purchasing these products you are agreeing that they will be used for lab and training purposes only. Images on the site are for display purposes only.

Pricing and Promotions

Pricing is subject to change at any time and Surgery Stuff, LLC is not obligated to notify any customers of pricing changes. Surgery Stuff, LLC will offer promotions, vouchers, or sales which modify existing pricing structures. These are not to be implied as future changes in pricing. Pricing may or may not revert to existing levels after the promotion is completed. If there is an error in pricing, a sale may be voided.